Shipping Timing
I usually ship order for panties right away,
unless I run short on a color, style or size.
If this happens I will email you right away.

Custom orders take a bit longer.
Adding embroidery usually takes about 1-2 weeks to ship.

Making special orders like a Flirt skirt or Sissy panty could take
4-6 weeks depending on the volume of orders I recieve.

If you need an order quickly please let me know so I can try to
get it done asap.
I do the orders in the order they come in to be fair to everyone.

thank you for your time,
You can upgrade your shipping
by using
Priority Mail
The cost is $5.00
for up to 10 panties
(go to the Priority Mail page)
International shipping

Airmail is $5.00 (1 or 2 panties)

Global Priority mail is
3-6 panties is
$11.95 to Canada and Mexico
$15.95 to all other countries*.
*not available to Italy

more than 6 panties please email me !